I’d like to thank the Academy…

Since the power is still on (w00t!) and I’m not in the mood to work on two huge papers that are due this week (who needs a master’s degree anyway), I’m finally getting around to writing this overdue post.  I’ve been nominated for both the “Seven Things About Me” and the “Beautiful Blogger Award” (w00t, again!!) by two very talented bloggers: http://oilpastelsbymary.com and http://icastel.wordpress.com.  Such a great surprise!  I suggest you check out their beautiful blogs.

It appears to be an unwritten rule that I should now reveal seven facts about myself and nominate seven bloggers for awards.  So, in keeping up with the tradition/rules, here are my seven and seven:

Seven Things About Me:

1.  I love really, really, really dark chocolate.

2.  I probably have enough tea in my kitchen cabinet to enjoy a cuppa with every person that lives in my 18 floor apartment building, and let’s not talk about all the tea I have stored at work.

3.  Like a lot of people in DC, I keep all my nice shoes at work in my office closet and wear the ugliest shoes on earth on the metro.  If you think this is because I want to be comfortable or not ruin my heals on the pavement, you’re only partially correct.  Hideous shoes make a great weirdo repellant. : )

4.  I hate almost all kinds of noise, especially the sound of power tools, screaming children and whistling.  Seriously, whistling drives me nuts, which has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t whistle and everything to do with it being a horrible noise.  Ironically, “Whistle” was my original last name.

5.  Reading a great book is one of my favorite things to do.

6.  I like most animals more than most people – unless they start whistling or trying to eat me.

7.  I very much enjoy British humor….”You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… WITH… A HERRING!”

Here are my seven nominations – very hard to choose because there are so many great blogs out there.

1.  Behind the Lens Photography at http://btlphotography.wordpress.com

2.  Two Rivers Photos at http://2riversphotos.wordpress.com

3.  rubicorno at http://rubicorno.com

4.  Shutterbug Sage at http://ayearofpics.wordpress.com

5.  PhotoPoetics at http://photopoetics.com

6.  Pixel Fairy Photography at http://sayclicktakeapic.wordpress.com

7.  Hands on Bowie at http://hopedog.wordpress.com

Have a great evening, and may those of us in the path of Sandy keep calm and carry on.


5 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the Academy…

  1. First, be safe with that storm brewing. Second, dark chocolate? Heck yeah! And as a distant third, thanks SO MUCH for including me in your list! I love following your blog!

  2. Congratulations on your award! Thank you very much for nominating my blog, it’s truly an honor to be on your list of such great blogs. Appreciate it. Bring on that dark dark chocolate please…

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