Yay for Rental Lenses!

Yay for Rental Lenses!

I’m going on another bald eagle shoot tomorrow and don’t own a long enough lens, so I rented one. That’s cool; however, what is cooler is because I was already paying shipping I also got to rent a fun lens I’ve always wanted to try. I took this photo with the Zeiss makro-planar 50mm f/2 wide open at f/2. I’ve never worked with a macro or a lens that doesn’t autofocus. After about a half hour of messing around with it, I’m finding that all the great stuff people say about Zeiss glass is absolutely true. I LOVE it! I don’t have any lenses that allow me to focus this close, and it’s fun to work without autofocus. Also, this thing is built like a tank and feels great in my hand. The focus ring feels a lot better than my Canon L-Series lenses. I highly recommend trying it. I hope to get better at manual focus before I have to return it on Monday – may have to start saving up for this one. : )

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