Angry Birds – Eagle Style

Angry Birds - Eagle Style

If you ever want to dial in some heavy fog and wet conditions for that special photo shoot, just call me. I’m not sure whether I’m the bad luck charm or if it’s a combination of my friend and me, but this was our second eagle shoot and the conditions were bad both times. This shot is pretty bad, but I’m posting it anyway because it allows you to see a bit of the behavior of these guys. Eagles are pretty rude to each other. As soon as one catches lunch, the others try to steal it. They are fun to watch, but I wouldn’t recommend taking one out to dinner.

12 thoughts on “Angry Birds – Eagle Style

  1. This is an outstanding photo of the eagle behavior and I think the fog conditions (although you likely were not thrilled with the weather) add to the image. Besides, any day you get to see and photograph bald eagles is a good day!

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