Iceland: Day One


Spending the week in Iceland, so will be posting photos from each day.  I planned to do Day One on the day we arrived, but I had several issues that stopped me from doing it last night – mostly a combination of not sleeping on the plane, being dead tired from trying to stay up and active all day to deal with the time change, catching a cold, and noticing that my sensor needed a cleaning AFTER I took a day’s worth of photos at really narrow apertures.  Even all of that could not ruin this trip.  Iceland is so unique.  My first thought during our descent was, hmm, maybe we didn’t really land on a man on the moon – maybe we just flew him and the rover to Iceland and took a few pics.  Don’t judge me.  I told you I didn’t sleep at all on the plane.

Anyway, I think everyone should come here at least once.  It’s pretty awesome.



See?  The moon, right?


The climb up to this tower killed me, but it was worth it for the pic above. ImageImageImage





We quickly learned that the best (and sometimes, the only) food in Iceland for lunch is at the gas stations like the place below.  Yummy fish burgers. : )  Of course, I was so hungry, they could have offered me a sheep’s head, and I would have said, Great – where’s the hot sauce?



Black sand is so cool.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


You try following this sign!!



Hotel Ranga – where we’re staying for the first part of the trip.  LOVE it so far!!  The bar stools alone are enough to make anyone love this place.  : )







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