Provincetown, MA

Time to start posting on my poor, abandoned blog again.  Sorry, blog.  I promise to feed you more often in 2014.  Also, I promise to feed some walls in 2014 because why should my computer screen get all the fun?

Here’s some Provincetown, MA scenes from our 2012 summer vacation – shot in color and converted to black & white.



West End Breakwater, built in 1911 by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers – Walk out at low tide, but be sure to return before high tide or you’ll be stuck on the other side for a while!  We saw starfish and all kinds of marine life goodies in the cracks.



Dune Shack – primitive housing built decades ago for artists and the like.  You can put your name in a lottery for a 1-3 week stay in one – this interests me, but are there spiders? Hmm.


The beginning of one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen on a totally people-free beach that is reached by driving over the dunes – if you’re ever in P-Town, Art’s Dune Tours at sunset is a must!






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