California Road Trip: Hearst Castle July 9

Imagine you’re Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, or Irving Cobb.  You’ve been invited to stay the weekend at the Hearst castle.  You arrive at the foot of the “Enchanted Hill” but can’t quite see the castle.  You are soon driven up the hill and you gasp as the castle comes into view because even with the money you have, your place is nothing like this.  On the way up the hill, you stop to admire exotic animals from every continent.  When you arrive at the top, you are greeted by Mr. Hearst and shown to one of the 46 rooms in the guest house.  Dinner won’t be served for another hour or two, so you wander through the library, billiard room, theatre, gothic study, and refectory.  It’s a gorgeous afternoon, and you opt to relax by the huge pool outside.  Maybe tomorrow, you’ll do some laps in the indoor Roman-style pool before breakfast is served, possibly a tennis match after lunch…

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