California Road Trip: San Francisco, July 5, Haight-Ashbury and Around the City

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was the highlight of the day for me as well as my favorite part of the city.  You guys know me – the weirder, the better.  We’re both big fans of the show Oddities on the Science channel and have been to the store in NYC and were so excited to stumble upon the store featured in the Oddities: San Francisco show.  I still regret not buying a creepy, but somehow still cute picture I saw in there.  I also spent a bunch of time in a used book store, of course.











This photo is so bad with all these power lines and cars in it, but I love the houses.20130705-IMG_8962


Ah, nothing like the famous painted ladies in bright, garish sunlight.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the park across the street was teeming with people.  In hindsight, the more interesting photo would have been of all the people staring at these houses and taking pictures of them.  Who do these houses think they are anyway?20130705-IMG_8974


We headed downtown to the Civic Center next to see the City Hall building, which spans for two blocks and is the most beautiful city hall building I’ve even seen, and the Opera House.20130705-IMG_8985











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