California Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway (Route One), July 8

Some photos taken on the Pacific Coast Highway (Route One) on our way to Big Sur – again stopping every five minutes to check out the amazing scenery.  Fellow Death Cab For Cutie fans, here’s Bixby Canyon Bridge! For Pee Wee Herman fans, all I could think about when we saw all these curvy road warning signs was the Large Marge truck driver scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  We drove the worst of the curves at night in the dark, which was really fun but also pretty creepy.

20130708-IMG_9679 20130708-IMG_9680 20130708-IMG_9681 20130708-IMG_9684 20130708-IMG_9686 20130708-IMG_9692 20130708-IMG_9694 20130708-IMG_9711 20130708-IMG_9712 20130708-IMG_9713 20130708-IMG_9718 20130708-IMG_9728 20130708-IMG_9733 20130708-IMG_9736 20130708-IMG_9743

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